Solidarity with Ukraine

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Aperian Global’s Board joins our longtime partner, SIETAR USA*, in its condemnation of the Russian leadership’s aggression towards Ukraine. In addition to the vast scale of personal suffering accelerating before the world’s eyes, it is heart-rending to see a lively democracy and free economy being snuffed out by a tyrant who seeks to eliminate dissent. Anyone living on Russia’s borders and many far beyond will feel this invasion as a jolting wake-up call that the peaceful lives we live now can easily be changed. Aperian Global will continue in our mission to bridge boundaries through a deeper understanding of ourselves and others to enable every member of the global community to thrive.

*SIETAR USA Board Statement on Ukraine

As an organization committed to the support of respect for diversity and equity, freedom of self-determination and intercultural understanding, we condemn in the strongest possible terms the recent aggression shown by Russia against the citizens of Ukraine. We stand with our colleagues around the world in solidarity with the people suffering under the threat of attack and diminishment of freedom in their own land. We also consider the wonderful people of Russia to be victims of this tyranny, having to live under oppression and hardship from a leader with no compassion for them or their internal plight.

Nothing can be more of an affront to the human spirit than the use of war under false pretenses to destroy the autonomy of a nation that has enjoyed democracy for its people. We send our most sincere thoughts to the people of Ukraine, and to those with family and friends now confronting unjustified aggression and defending their freedom.