Global Readiness Development Assessment

Bring a global mindset to your organization.

How can you help develop the globally-focused mindset your organization needs to thrive in the modern business environment? With the Global Readiness Development Assessment, you get the powerful combination of in-depth research, statistically-validated cultural instruments, and an expert Aperian Global facilitator. The program helps companies minimize the risk of failed international assignments, make better strategic choices, and optimize employee performance in roles requiring a global mindset.

How Your Company Benefits

The Global Readiness Development Assessment is a strategic program for any company looking to boost its global leadership capabilities among key employees. It can be conducted for any employees needing a developmental roadmap for cultural competence and leadership. Within global mobility, this assessment typically happens months before an assignment needs to commence, allowing for employee development (or alternate employee selection) to occur. With the program, organizations will get:

  • Support for high-value employees and HR, providing a leadership and professional development plan to enhance competence for global agility
  • Alignment of our Global Readiness Model to your organization’s existing competency framework
  • Benchmark data informing employee selection
  • Talent retention: Increased employee engagement and awareness
  • Improved productivity and retention from information, focused on the critical competencies needed to perform well in a global role or assignment

Built from five decades of intercultural research, the Global Readiness Development Assessment is a multifaceted process consisting of cultural assessments, behavioral interview, facilitated debrief, and developmental report for employee and HR.

Methods and sources of data: 
  • Validated Survey Instruments, including the Global Competencies Inventory (GCI) and GlobeSmart Profile
  • A Behavioral Interview, taking place virtually over one, 2-hour session
  • Delivery of a customized, detailed Developmental Report

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