IBI Accelerator℠

Test-Drive the Inclusive Behaviors Inventory (IBI).

Take advantage of a low-risk opportunity to try out the Inclusive Behaviors Inventory (IBI) for your organization – and gain essential action steps to boost workplace inclusivity. With the IBI Accelerator℠ session, an Aperian Global inclusion expert guides participants through a two-hour interactive debrief of their individual insights from the industry-leading IBI.

What Participants Will Learn

Leverage the Inclusive Behaviors Inventory to gain insight into 5 key dimensions of inclusion:

  1. Learning About Bias: How aware are we of our own biases? How do we begin to learn about those who are different?
  2. Building Key Skills: What critical skills do we have for acting in a more inclusive way?
  3. Working Across Boundaries: How successful are we in working with aspects of diversity such as gender, generational, functional, cognitive, or cultural?
  4. Becoming a Champion: What are we doing to champion inclusion?
  5. Getting Results: How well do we link inclusion to business results?

How Your Company Benefits

The IBI Accelerator is essential for any company seeking to try out a validated, accessible instrument that measures inclusion in the workplace and provides a personal action plan for employees. By employing this facilitated program, organizations can:

  • Accelerate inclusive and collaborative business interactions to promote growth and innovation
  • Promote an inclusive work environment through everyday actions and benchmark progress with the Inclusive Behaviors Inventory


The Program Includes:

  • Up to 15 Inclusive Behaviors Inventory seats*
  • 2-hour interactive group debrief session with an Aperian Global Inclusion Consultant
  • Project Management for set-up and scheduling
  • Up to 4 hours of consultation with key stakeholders

*Additional seats can be purchased separately



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