Leading With a Global Mindset

Learn how to manage a dynamic global workforce.

A global mindset is an essential skill at all levels – but, increasingly, it is a critical asset for managers and leaders. Intercultural competence enables leadership to help navigate the modern business world and harness the benefits of a global workforce. In the Leading With a Global Mindset, current and future leaders will learn how to develop the skills needed to manage a global workforce.


What Participants Will Learn

Under the expert guidance of a certified Aperian Global facilitator, the Leading With a Global Mindset program allows participants to:

  • Improve global leadership capabilities through awareness of personal, interpersonal, and environmental challenges
  • Explore the stages of intercultural sensitivity, and how it impacts cross-cultural interactions
  • Grow trust and bolster relationships with global clients and colleagues
  • Understand when to assert one’s own value and when to adapt to local norms

How Your Company Benefits

Leading With a Global Mindset is an ideal program for organizations looking to develop global managers and leaders. With the insights from this facilitated program, organizations will:

  • Enable engaged and effective employees
  • Offer a valuable professional development option to attract and retain top talent
  • Produce faster, more collaborative business interactions to grow the bottom line

Led by a certified Aperian Global facilitator, this interactive program comes customized to an organization’s specific challenges, needs, and questions.

Delivery options include: 
    • Face-to-face delivery: Half-day or One-day sessions
    • Virtual delivery: Two, 2-hour sessions using a web conference platform

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