Collaborating Across Distance

Transform the way your organization collaborates.

The modern employee needs to build trust, communicate effectively, and align priorities with team members and managers from a distance. Success in this new virtual format requires a combination of skills that traditional development programs often overlook. In the Collaborating Across Distance program, organizations can arm their employees with the strategies and tools to succeed in a virtual or remote work environment.


What Participants Will Learn

With the assistance of an experienced and certified Aperian Global facilitator, participants in the Collaborating Across Distance program will be able to:

  • Understand success factors for virtual collaboration
  • Exercise key principles of communicating with impact without being physically present
  • Develop strategies to bridge cultural gaps and leverage similarities with a global mindset
  • Build skills for designing and facilitating virtual meetings
  • Formulate personal action steps for improving collaboration efforts in current teams

How Your Company Benefits

Collaborating Across Distance is an ideal program for companies that conduct business around the globe – virtually, through travel, or across different international locations. This facilitated program guide enables your company to:

  • Develop effective and engaged employees
  • Offer a key professional development option perfect to attract and retain talent
  • Produce faster, collaborative business interactions to boost growth

Led by a certified Aperian Global facilitator, this interactive learning program is customized for an organization’s specific needs, challenges, and questions.

Delivery format: 
  • Virtual delivery: Three, 2-hour sessions using a web conference platform

NOTE: For managers/people leaders, refer to our companion program Leading Across Distance. Together, both programs present a comprehensive solution to grow an organization’s overall virtual readiness.

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