Thriving in a New Culture

Make every international assignment count.

For employees – and their families – heading out on an international assignment, the transition to living overseas can be a tough one. Give your employees the skills they need to succeed on a global assignment with the Thriving in a New Culture learning program. Designed for the unique professional and personal needs of employees and their families, this program offers training options for first-time and repeat assignees, spouses, partners, and children.


What Participants Will Learn

The flexible design of Thriving in a New Culture draws on both research and practice to meet the needs of each individual. Under the training of a certified Aperian Global facilitator, participants will:

  • Learn specific strategies to build relationships, establish credibility, and communicate effectively with locals
  • Gain a deeper understanding of host country behaviors by examining prevalent values, assumptions, beliefs, and historical highlights
  • Explore key cultural dimensions to identify and bridge cultural gaps
  • Address day-to-day living questions and concerns, including etiquette and protocol
  • Create a personal action plan based upon key learning points

How Your Company Benefits

Thriving in a New Culture is a perfect option for employees on global assignments within organizations, whether long-term, short-term or rotational. Organizations will:

  • Grow more engaged and effective employees
  • Build a key professional development training offering to attract and retain talent
  • Spur growth with faster, more collaborative business interactions

With instruction and guidance from a certified, experienced Aperian Global facilitator, Thriving in a New Culture is customized to an individual’s specific questions, needs, and challenges.


Delivery options include: 
    • Face-to-face delivery: One-day or Two-day sessions
    • Virtual delivery: 2-hour sessions scheduled as needed on the assignee’s preferred web-meeting platform

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