Unconscious Bias

See through a different lens.

It only takes 7 seconds after encountering someone to build a prejudice based on their appearance. How can employees avoid stereotypes or other unintended consequences if they’re processing so much information unconsciously? Through interactive, hands-on activities, Unconscious Bias challenges participants to look at everyday interactions and interpret each situation through a more inclusive lens – whether working with colleagues across the building or across the world.


What Participants Will Learn

Under the helpful guidance of an experienced Aperian Global facilitator, the participants in Unconscious Bias will:

  • Build a common language to identify and address unconscious bias
  • Analyze everyday interactions with local and global colleagues in order to identify possible forms of unconscious bias, and learn to adopt a more inclusive approach
  • Prioritize biases most likely to impact workplace performance, and develop action steps to address them

How Your Company Benefits

Unconscious Bias is an ideal option for organizations that work globally – virtually, through travel, or across different locations. This program empowers your organization to:

  • Develop engaged and effective employees
  • Offer a key professional development training to attract and retain talent
  • Foster quicker, more collaborative business interactions to spur growth

This interactive program features instruction and guidance from a certified and experienced Aperian Global facilitator and is customized for an organization’s specific questions, needs, and challenges.


Delivery options include: 
    • Face-to-face delivery: One, Half-day session
    • Virtual delivery:
      • One, 2-hour sessions using a web conference platform
      • Two, 2-hour sessions using a web conference platform

      Note: The virtual program can also be customized for large audiences (50-100 participants)

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