Virtual Collaboration

Work virtually – and effectively.

In today’s business environment, virtual work isn’t just a nice feature – it’s a way of life. How can team members in a virtual environment ensure their voices are heard? How can they better influence others?

With the Virtual Collaboration facilitated program, participants will learn how to take initiative, create better communication channels, and work more effectively within a virtual team.

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What Participants Will Learn

Under the guidance of a certified Aperian Global facilitator, participants will learn skills to propel their virtual teams towards greater productivity. At the end of the program, learners will:

  • Understand the key competencies needed for effective virtual collaboration
  • Develop strategies to build trust and improve communication
  • Create a personal action plan to improve collaboration within virtual teams

How Your Company Benefits

With the Virtual Collaboration program, your organization receives the customized guidance of a certified Aperian Global facilitator. With their help, organizations will:

  • Foster an engaging and effective workforce
  • Attract and retain talent through critical professional development offerings
  • Grow your bottom line through fast and productive global business interactions

Led by an Aperian Global facilitator, Virtual Collaboration is a content-rich learning program customized to an organization’s specific challenges, needs, and questions.

Delivery options include: 
    • Face-to-face delivery: Half-day session
    • Virtual delivery: One, 2-hour sessions using a web conference platform

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