Align Your Global Team

Good Global Teamwork Can Be Hard To Find

Global teamwork is a growing necessity, but getting people with different work styles and expectations to work together effectively can be difficult. Global teams often suffer from poor communication and lack of engagement, leading to misunderstandings and low productivity.

Innovative Teaming Solutions

Leaders with functional or project management responsibilities need to acquire the skills to align, motivate, assess, and develop virtual team members, and tap into their skill sets to ensure they are contributing at the highest level. Aperian Global offers virtual team facilitation solutions that emphasize productive cross-cultural teaming in a global organization.


Global Perspective

Many approaches to teamwork are based on models from headquarters that are embedded in a particular national culture (e.g., “All team members should communicate in a direct and explicit way.) Our work has focused on the distinctive challenges of global teams and how to successfully integrate different styles while respecting organizational values and norms.

Facilitation and Coaching

Our consultants based around the world can facilitate programs in many languages using methods that are effective with diverse team members and learning styles. We help team leaders fully understand the perspectives and practices of team members in other locations, and to adapt their leadership styles in ways that are both authentic and effective.

Delivery Modes

We work with teams in both face-to-face and virtual engagements. Similarly, we can provide both in-person and virtual coaching for team leaders. Aperian Global’s “Virtual Teams Toolkit” provides additional resources for all team members to access, with useful templates and depictions of both best practices and common pitfalls.


Collaborate in a Virtual Environment

Develop the virtual teaming skill set within your organization and help individuals collaborating in a virtual environment to:

  • Discover their unique work styles and get advice on how to work more effectively with other team members
  • Understand the importance of considering the local environment of virtual colleagues and adapt communication styles when needed
  • Learn best practices to plan, facilitate, and participate in productive virtual meetings;
  • Practice ways to keep team members engaged through effective use of technology.

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Drive Intact Team Performance

Drive performance for intact teams within your organization and help your team members:

  • Understand their unique work styles and get advice on how to work more effectively with other team members
  • Utilize an in-depth team assessment to identify areas of improvement
  • Develop skills and strategies to address multicultural issues and improve overall team performance
  • Improve collaboration, performance and levels of trust on the team
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