Create an Inclusive Workplace

Inclusion and Diversity Goes Well Beyond the Hiring Process

Most organizations understand that they should have a diverse workforce that reflects the markets they serve around the world. Many strive to hire employees from different races and nationalities as well as professional specialties. But that’s only the first step. The next step is to create a culture of inclusion, where all employees feel they are welcome, supported and have equal advancement opportunities.

A Global Approach to Building Inclusion

To become truly inclusive, an organization needs clear strategic plans to manage the planning, startup, and ongoing actions of their inclusion and diversity efforts. Many global inclusion initiatives fall flat because they use concepts and methods from headquarters that are based on a distinctive cultural context – employees in other locations often find such approaches to have little value. Our approach to building inclusiveness is thoroughly global, respecting local priorities, perspectives, and workplace environments.


Global Perspective

Aperian Global’s research has focused on how to build inclusiveness in a global organizational context where the most critical manifestations of diversity may vary from one location to another. Our approach to inclusion incorporates recent research on unconscious bias, key findings from neuroscience, and practical skill-building for employees and managers.

Global Principles, Local Relevance

Our consultants based around the world can deliver programs in many languages using methods that are effective with diverse learning styles. We can help companies to roll out global inclusion initiatives that retain consistent worldwide principles while they are applied in ways that are locally relevant.

CIAO Model

Our CIAO model of Unconscious Bias focuses on four critical types of bias described in memorable, actionable categories.

Global Diversity Dimensions

Our flexible program modules feature six aspects of diversity that are each viewed through a global lens and can be adapted to ensure relevance to a particular organization, region, or country environment:
  • Race and ethnicity
  • Gender
  • Functions
  • Cultures
  • Cognitive Styles
  • Generations


Drive Inclusion

Develop inclusive behaviors for your organization in order to:

  • Clearly understand the strategic rationale for leveraging diversity & inclusion
  • Analyze everyday interactions with local and global colleagues to identify possible forms of unconscious bias and adopt a more inclusive approach
  • Foster an inclusive mindset and the core skills needed to increase engagement and productivity with a diverse talent pool across diverse markets
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