Develop Global Leaders

What’s Different About a Global Leader?

The development of strong global leadership skills requires a solid understanding of cultural and market differences when operating in other countries. That’s why global leadership development is a key component in the development of truly global leaders – whether they are located at headquarters or in subsidiary locations around the world.

Transitioning to Cross-Border Leadership

Aperian Global’s global leadership development solutions are specifically designed to help current and future leaders make the transition from locally-based responsibility to cross-border leadership.


Global from the Start

Many approaches to leadership development use materials and methods based in a particular headquarters cultural context — their approach to global leadership is an “add-on” that has mixed relevance in other regions. Although at Aperian Global we are familiar with standard domestic leadership development approaches and can integrate these when necessary, our primary focus is on:

  • Distinctive competencies required for leading effectively in a global context (e.g., “Invite the Unexpected,” “Frame-Shifting,” “Adapt and Add Value,” “Third Way Solutions”);
  • Critical tasks that global leaders must accomplish (e.g., leading a global team, rolling out a cross-border change initiative, integrating a foreign acquisition, innovating on a global scale).

Scalable, Blended Solutions

Our materials and tools enable clients to build large-scale development programs with flexible, blended solutions (face-to-face, virtual, asynchronous) and the means to measure participant progress.

Facilitator Capabilities

Our subject matter experts, each with more than a decade of experience in the field and located in all major world regions, can conduct every phase of the leadership development process: needs assessment, program design, pilot delivery, global rollout, evaluation, and continuous improvement. They can also deliver programs in multiple languages (including Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and German), in ways that are suited to local learning styles.


Aperian Global uses unique intellectual property based on more than twenty years of research and numerous publications, as well as generic and customized case studies that promote rapid application of key concepts. For clients with strong in-house expertise that they wish to augment, we also license materials and provide certification for internal facilitators.

Proprietary Assessments

We have a strong suite of assessments with a number of useful applications, both within a leadership development program context and as standalone applications. Our proprietary assessment tools provide clients with distinctive, psychometrically valid ways of identifying both individual and organizational needs and measuring progress over time. Relevant assessments, each specifically designed for a diverse global workforce, include:

  • Inclusive Behaviors Inventory
  • GlobeSmart Teaming Assessment
  • Global Competencies Inventory
  • GlobeSmart Leadership Assessment


Our leadership development programs blend methods that fit various learning styles and organizational budgets. Based on client preferences and priorities, we utilize:

  • Proprietary assessments as well as instruments preferred by clients
  • Virtual learning through both webinars and online learning modules
  • Face-to-face training
  • Action learning projects for small teams
  • “Learning journeys” to key market locations
  • Experiential skill development
  • Customized case studies
  • “Real-time” interactions with global counterparts
  • 1 : 1 or small group leadership coaching


Lead with a Global Mindset

Increase the global mindset of your organization’s leaders by helping them:

  • Better understand trends and customer preferences in key markets
  • Discover their own unique work styles and obtain advice on how to work with other cultures and colleagues in a leadership role
  • Identify personal strengths and areas for improvement based on ten behaviors that define great global leaders
  • Communicate effectively with global counterparts and lead diverse, high-performance teams with dispersed members
  • Manage and develop global employees in an inclusive way that builds engagement and a real sense of ownership
  • Develop skills and practical strategies to improve their performance in accomplishing important cross-border objectives
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Rapidly Develop Emerging Leaders

Accelerate the development of emerging leaders in vital markets outside of headquarters by helping them:

  • Balance headquarters and local priorities to create collaborative solutions
  • Discover their own unique work styles and get advice on how to interact effectively with other cultures and global colleagues
  • Represent the needs of local or regional markets by making a strong business case and engaging in vigorous debate regarding the merits of their ideas
  • Work successfully in a matrix context by learning skills for influencing without direct authority
  • Build a strong network of global colleagues who can help to accomplish key tasks
  • Shift successfully from domestic leadership roles to new regional or global leadership responsibilities

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