Lead with a Global Mindset

This blended learning solution increases the global mindset of your organization’s leaders. It includes a blended learning process over time that can be customized to fit your organization’s needs.

Who is this for?
Managers and leaders of global employees

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What’s Included?

AssessmentsOnline LearningInstructor-led Training

How do participants benefit?

  • Enhanced global leadership capabilities through awareness of personal, interpersonal and environmental challenges
  • Improved trust and relationships with clients and colleagues around the world
  • An understanding of when to assert one’s own values and when to adapt to local norms
  • The ability to influence more people, more often, more effectively

How do organizations benefit?

  • Advanced leadership capabilities needed to fulfill global responsibilities
  • Enhanced organizational intercultural competence
  • Leaders who are able to take ownership and make informed decisions across geographic and cultural boundaries
  • Improved collaboration and performance

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