Integrate Cultures Post-M&A

This blended learning solution helps organizations understand the critical cultural aspects of integrating diverse corporations. It includes a blended learning process over time that can be customized to fit your organization’s needs.

Who is this for?
Integration Leaders, Executive Leadership and Functional Groups

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What’s Included?

Instructor-led TrainingVirtual Coaching


How do participants benefit?

  • An awareness of common cross-border M&A pitfalls and best practices
  • Insight into key drivers for new counterparts in the combined organization
  • Practical skill-building, such as: effective communication, feedback, influence, handling change
  • Opportunities to share knowledge, experience, and key learnings to date
  • Relationship-building that supports constructive resolution of critical issues

How do organizations benefit?

  • Rapid, efficient kickoff to the integration process
  • A common baseline of country and organizational knowledge
  • Stronger teamwork based on mutual respect and realistic assessment of capabilities
  • Early identification of key integration issues based on differences in national and/or organizational cultures
  • Decisive, well-informed personnel choices; retention of key individuals
  • One-on-one coaching support for integration leaders

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