Practice Cultural Agility

It’s a Small, but Culturally Diverse World, After All

Expanding globally is a common strategic imperative but it can be a difficult endeavor when employees lack cultural agility. A lack of strong cross-cultural skills often leads to ineffective sales, marketing, or product development teams that cost the organization in lost opportunities and wasted time.

Develop Cultural Agility. Accelerate Business Results.

Communicating effectively, building relationships across borders, and collaborating with a diverse set of colleagues and partners are critical requirements for employees with global responsibilities. Beyond cultural protocol, Aperian Global provides a practical blend of cultural intelligence and actionable skills to prevent misunderstandings and accelerate cross-border communication for tangible results.


Cultural Agility Scalable Learning

Scalable Multi-Media Solutions

Aperian Global’s Cultural Agility programs are based on more than three decades of experience in the intercultural field. We offer clients flexible, blended solutions that are scalable to very large groups of employees and supported by industry-leading tools. We blend face-to-face, virtual, and asynchronous learning methods, and our flagship cultural intelligence tool, GlobeSmart, has been newly redesigned for mobile devices.

Cultural Agility Team Learning

Extended Learning Experiences

Beyond learning “events,” we offer a learning experience with pre- and post-program resources to maximize effectiveness. Our scalable 30-Day Learning Journeys have become an increasingly popular solution for large cohorts such as new hires or front-line managers.


Develop a Global Mindset Across the Organization

Foster the development of global mindsets within your organization by helping your employees:

  • Develop competencies critical for effective interaction with colleagues, clients and suppliers from different cultures
  • Understand the “why” behind the behaviors of people from other cultures, the impact culture has on the workplace, and strategies for improved global collaboration
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Work Effectively with a Specific Culture

Provide tools and strategies to help your employees work more effectively with clients and colleagues in China, Germany, India, Japan, Korea, Russia, South Africa, and more than 30 other countries by helping them to:

  • Gain country-specific knowledge of the “why” behind common behaviors in different cultures
  • Increase cultural self-awareness and offer in-depth country-specific knowledge and strategies to bridge gaps and leverage differences when working with people in different cultures
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Develop a Global Mindset for Educational Institutions

Develop a more global mindset among students, both domestic and foreign, by helping to:

  • Build self-awareness of personal values and behaviors that have been shaped by culture
  • Compare similarities and differences in their backgrounds and perspectives in a neutral and nonjudgmental way
  • Understand how to be more inclusive of others who are different
  • Encourage creative teamwork and a learning environment that leverages the talents of each student
  • Foster student/faculty interactions that are respectful, promote rapid learning, and tap diverse student perspectives
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