Work Effectively with a Specific Culture

This blended learning solution provides tools and strategies to help your employees work more effectively with clients and colleagues in more than 30 countries. It includes a blended learning process over time that can be customized to fit your organization’s needs.

Who is this for?
Business professionals at any level who need to develop or enhance knowledge when working with a specific culture

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What’s Included?

Online LearningInstructor-led Training

How do participants benefit?

  • Country specific knowledge of the “why” behind common behaviors in a specific culture
  • Strategies to bridge gaps and leverage similarities with counterparts from a specific culture, with a focus on business skills that improve interactions

How do organizations benefit?

  • Faster, more productive business interactions
  • Employees who are more effective in their job and engaged at a higher level
  • Valuable professional development opportunities that can attract and retain top talent
  • An increased understanding of the cultures of customers, colleagues and suppliers

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