Prepare for International Assignments

This blended learning solution will ensure your international assignees and their families will be successful. It includes a blended learning process over time that can be customized to fit your organization’s needs.

Who is this for?
International assignees and their spouse/partner and family relocating to a new country

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What’s Included?

AssessmentsInstructor-led TrainingVirtual Coaching


How do participants benefit?

  • Specific strategies to build relationships, establish credibility, and communicate effectively with locals
  • A deeper understanding of host country behaviors by examining prevalent values, assumptions, beliefs, and historical highlights
  • The exploration of key cultural dimensions in order to identify and bridge cultural gaps
  • The ability to address day-to-day living questions and concerns, including etiquette and protocol

How do organizations benefit?

  • Improved morale and retention of experienced international personnel
  • More motivated employees and productive assignments
  • Decreased risk of costly assignment failure through development of effective pre-departure assessment and customized training
  • The ability to assess global leadership abilities of managers and executives
  • Global management and leadership training and development processes that are customized to an individual’s strengths & weaknesses

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