Consent for Talent Resources

Aperian Global has recently become compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The GDPR is an EU initiative to bring data protection laws up to date so that they cover new ways in which data is now being used. For more information, please see Aperian’s
GDPR Statement.

In order to ensure that we meet our obligations under GDPR, we are asking candidates who have previously applied to be included in our talent database as a potential consultant or country specialist to formally consent (opt-in) to remain in our talent database.

Candidates who do not consent within 30 days from receipt of this message will be automatically deleted from our system. Please be aware that if you elect to “consent”, you may still update your information or withdraw your consent at any time by sending an email to

Please complete the form below to remain in our Talent Database.


Addition to Aperian Talent Database

I am hereby granting permission for Aperian Global to add my personal data including my name, contact details, and other information I voluntarily provided to Aperian’s talent database and process it so that I may be considered for future contract work in the capacity of Consultant or Country Specialist. I understand that my data will only be used for the purpose of such consideration. In the event that Aperian finds my data a match for a specific training program, I understand that an agreement will be drafted between Aperian and me, which clearly defines the terms of the relationship going forward. I acknowledge that I have read Aperian’s HR Privacy Policy published on the website ( and incorporated hereto. I am aware that I may amend my information or withdraw my consent at any time by addressing an email with the subject line: “Data Consent” to