Caroline Henry

Responsible end-to-end for the digital user experience of the GlobeSmart Learning Platform, Carrie knows the product better than anyone else. In her 13 years at Aperian Global, she has driven key initiatives across content-building, back and front-end systems development, and client success.

An information organization nerd, she holds a Masters in Library and Information Science from San Jose State University and a B.A. in History from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She is driven by Aperian’s mission of deepening our understanding of ourselves and others through the unique impact its digital experience has on inclusivity and cultural exchange.

As the director of product management, she is responsible for transforming our customers’ key problems into an outcome-driven roadmap and its execution. She is known and loved for her detail orientation and strong advocacy for the best technical solution to customer needs.

Carrie lives in California with her husband and daughter and enjoys checking things off lists.