Helen Bannigan

Helen Bannigan is a Senior Consultant at Aperian Global with more than two decades of expertise in cultural competency and global leadership coaching. Ms. Bannigan aims to share her talents with clients and partners in a sustainable way, leaving a positive impact on profits, people and the planet. Some of her clients include AIG, Bosch, Coca Cola, Goldman Sachs, Johnson & Johnson, Nike, Philips, Starbucks.

Prior to joining Aperian Global, Ms. Bannigan was the CEO and Owner of a global communications firm. During this time she provided high-level cross-cultural training to executives, implementing proven tools to help them be more efficient and effective in assimilating to their new environment, both personally and professionally. She counsels clients on effective communications strategies in local markets around the world.

Ms. Bannigan is fluent in English, French, Italian and Portuguese and currently resides in London. She has been a volunteer translator for an NGO called Translators without Borders which contribute to closing language gaps that hinder humanitarian

Ms. Bannigan holds an MA in International Relations from the l’Institute d’Etudes Internationales, Paris; an MA in Global Politics & Diplomacy from the Sorbonne, Paris; and a BA in International Relations & French, from Catholic University Washington DC.