Jason D. Patent

Dr. Jason D. Patent is a Senior Consultant with Aperian Global who brings with him a deep and broad understanding of multiple, high-level leadership roles in both global and US contexts. He has worked across sectors, with a primary focus on higher education.

Prior to working with Aperian Global, Dr. Patent was employed by International House at UC Berkeley as Director of the Robertson Center for Intercultural Leadership, as Chief of Operations, and as Chief of Strategy. A fluent Mandarin speaker, he has a decade of experience living abroad in China in varied roles and contexts, including using his experience to coordinate and lead intercultural training sessions for executives relocating internationally, focusing on key differences in business practices between the US and China.

In addition to having served as an organizational leader himself in both the US and China, Dr. Patent is a coach, consultant, and trainer with three decades of experience. He has assisted individuals, organizations and universities to work effectively within a global business context.

Dr. Patent is currently based in Albany, California, USA. He holds a PhD and MA in Linguistics from the University of California, Berkeley, an MA in East Asian Studies from Stanford University, and a BA in East Asian Studies from Harvard University. He is also a certified GlobeSmart profile practitioner.