Lisa Ross-Marcus

Lisa Ross-Marcus is a Senior Consultant with Aperian Global. She has lived and worked in several European countries and Russia. She assists individuals and organizations to work effectively within a global business context and fosters inclusive environments. Her works helps business executives cultivate a mind-set for successful global working, by increasing their cultural awareness and broadening their communication skills. Ms. Marcus has more than 11 years of coaching experience and has worked with female leaders in both the non-profit and business sectors.

Some of Ms. Marcus’s previous clients include, AFM (Dutch Authority of Financial Markets), Dutch Central Bank, Forum Pharmaceuticals, Intergreen, Nuon, Oxford Policy Management, Philips, Sabic, TomTom, TNT and Unilever. Ms. Ross-Marcus’s trainings focus on Executive coaching, Communication, Virtual Communication Working in a Matrix, Virtual Team coaching, Leadership and Cross-cultural Communication, Living and working in the USA.

Outside of her time at Aperian Global, Ms. Marcus provides life coaching for some of the top dancers around the world and assists them with the challenges of a new career. She is currently based in Amsterdam, Netherlands and is fluent in Dutch, French and English.

Ms. Marcus holds a BA from Oberlin College. She is a certified Post-HBO Coach and an Associated Certified Coach at
the ICF.