Sarah Cincotta

Sarah Cincotta is the Managing Director of Global Marketing at Aperian Global and has been with the organization since 2010. Sarah grew a one-person Marketing department into a global team she now leads, establishing its role as a strategic business function. During her time at Aperian Global, she has driven the rebrand of GlobeSmart, the firm’s flagship learning platform, and launched the first product-dedicated site – Sarah is also a member of Aperian Global’s Management Team, where she helps set and execute the organization’s overall strategy.

Originally from Upstate New York, Sarah received her Bachelor of Arts in Communication with a minor in Marketing from the University at Buffalo. She also studied International Business at the University of Cambridge through the Mountbatten Program in London. Sarah spent several subsequent years as an expatriate in both the UK and New Zealand. Her experiences abroad sparked her interest in different cultures and reinforced the importance of inclusion in a diverse and changing world.

Sarah lives on Boston’s South Shore with her husband and two daughters, who have become experts at posing for her frequent photoshoots.