Instructor-led Learning

In addition to this being a wonderful team building experience, the learning program provided an opportunity for our two teams to gain a deep understanding of each teams’ needs, philosophy and expectations. Through this program we identified weaknesses in our standard processes and highlighted challenges that may occur due to diverse communication styles as well as ways to address them.

-Vice President & General Manager Asia, Automotive Industry

Aperian Global and this training have been one of the best experiences I’ve had in my almost thirty years of service. I wish we had the opportunity to have this type of training years ago, but is never too late to learn new skills!

-Virtual Country Briefing Participant

Aperian Global has helped us to accelerate the development of hundreds of our high potential employees, the key people we need to grow our business and retain for our future. The long-term development process we have designed together with Aperian Global employs many different learning methods and has had a tangible business impact. People in the program have the opportunity to exchange ideas with our top executives, and many of those who have been through the program have already been promoted and are performing well at the next level.

-Regional Director, Talent Development

I can work with anybody I want to in the global leadership area, and I choose to work with Aperian Global because of the quality of their thought leadership, their creative partnership in program design, and their facilitation skills. They are smart, responsive, work well with our team, and have helped our executives to understand global markets, customers, and colleagues in a much deeper way.

-Director, Leadership Development

The program brought fresh perspective to the group and helped us understand below the surface beliefs, values, and orientations of multiple cultures. I especially appreciated the pre-work that was done to tailor a vast amount of material to our specific needs.

-Working Globally Participant

The program has been a turning point for our team and also for me in understanding how I need to adapt to be the leader they need. This workshop really opens your eyes.

-Driving Team Performance Participant

Indeed the training was a great experience for all of us, especially the girls. After the training our oldest daughter for the first time said she was looking forward to moving to the US. We’ve learned a lot about American culture and how to behave in business. Thanks for a great program which I can highly recommend to other expats.

-Thriving in a New Culture (United States) Participant

It’s difficult to express the value that our cultural training brought to my wife and me. Over the eight hours we were able to get a better understanding of the new environment that my family and I will be transitioning to. The kids also appreciated being able to talk through the changes they were going to experience.

-Thriving in a New Culture (Germany) Participant

This program opened my eyes to all the different styles of working and collaborating that people prefer, whether within their generation or not. I will keep all of these differences in mind when working with others and realize that each different view point provides a different contribution.

-Inclusive Leadership Partcipant