Cultural Agility

This is my first time working for an overseas company. I appreciate that our company takes the time to teach us and make us aware of the importance of cultural differences. Not only does it help us in our daily work, but it makes me feel that our company is aware that we need to understand what we may not know about others and prepare us for future challenges.

-GlobeSmart User at Philips

At MovingWorlds, we help people volunteer their skills around the world, on their own time or through corporate sponsored programs. In these programs, we use GlobeSmart to not only help people be more effective in their international skilled volunteering trips, but also to grow as more innovative and capable leaders. We consistently hear from our “Experteers” that the cultural assessment helps create a foundation for a positive impact, and the lessons from it stay with our members for years to follow. We can’t recommend this tool – and the team behind it – enough!

-Mark Horoszowski, CEO of

In addition to this being a wonderful team building experience, the learning program provided an opportunity for our two teams to gain a deep understanding of each teams’ needs, philosophy and expectations. Through this program we identified weaknesses in our standard processes and highlighted challenges that may occur due to diverse communication styles as well as ways to address them.

-Vice President & General Manager Asia, Automotive Industry

Aperian Global and this training have been one of the best experiences I’ve had in my almost thirty years of service. I wish we had the opportunity to have this type of training years ago, but is never too late to learn new skills!

-Virtual Country Briefing Participant

The program brought fresh perspective to the group and helped us understand below the surface beliefs, values, and orientations of multiple cultures. I especially appreciated the pre-work that was done to tailor a vast amount of material to our specific needs.

-Working Globally Participant