The Importance of Giving Back Together

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The Bangalore Office Does Social Responsibility Day

Employees at Aperian Global receive one Corporate Social Responsibility Day each year. This day allows them to take a day off from work and devote their time to volunteer for a non-profit cause.

This year our employees in Bangalore, India, decided to leverage their Corporate Social Responsibility Day as a team. On top of donating their time to a worthwhile cause, they used the time as a means for team bonding and development. They arranged for the whole office to volunteer with the same charity, on the same day.

Special occurrences like this take a lot of time and planning. Without Rachel Korah, our Bangalore Manager of Global Talent Resources, this event would never have been possible. She worked persistently, and after nearly four months of meetings, WhatsApp messages, calls, and over 100 emails, our Bangalore office was able to spend the day with 16 orphaned children at Adrian’s Home.

Adrian’s Home

Adrian’s Home, sponsored by a local church, caters to orphaned children between the ages of five and thirteen and provides food, clothing, shelter, access to medical care, and English education. Adrian’s Home is unique in that it is the only orphanage in Bangalore that does not separate siblings.

The whole office worked together to make this day memorable for the children. Susheela Sridhar, Financial Executive Assistant, Rajkumari Ramesh, Operations Administrative Assistant, Pallavi Verma, Customer Technical & IT Support for Webtool Development, and Rachel organized brand new backpacks for the kids. Each bag contained a blanket, water bottle, chocolates, and pens. Arjun Goyal, our Bangalore GlobeSmart Engagement Manager, arranged for each child to also receive a set of coloring books and colored pencils. The children were thrilled to open their new packs and discover their gifts.

Our Visual Designer, Michelle Mascarenhas, planned the activities for the day. One of the children’s favorite activities was a craft that involved coloring cut-outs of the moon, sun, stars, and clouds and getting creative with colored popsicle sticks to create figures and frames.

One of the nuns who run the orphanage commented that this was the first time the children were excited to do something creative with guests—kudos to Michelle!

Michelle worked with Vidyarani Subhash, Webtool Development Quality Assurance Lead, and Karthik Kini, Bangalore Finance and Office Manager to organize a delicious lunch for all the children.

The Bangalore office found it to be a privilege to spend time with a group of children who were so grateful for the gifts and the time shared. It also allowed team members to bond with one another outside of the office and to pause and remember how important the little things are in life.

A special thanks to the whole Bangalore office for participating!