The Inclusive Manager: Maximizing the Mix

An interactive, inclusive game-based learning experience for leaders.

Ideal for global organizations wanting to work more effectively with diverse markets, customers, and colleagues, this solution is a fun and engaging approach to developing inclusive leaders and a more inclusive organization.

This scalable solution can accommodate 12 to 250 participants in a 4-hour or full-day workshop, and is customizable to region, industry, and organization-specific inclusion and cross-cultural challenges.

How it works

An expert facilitator guides participants through two interconnected learning maps, prompting lively discussion, debate, and learning.

Map One: Why Care About Inclusion?

Map One facilitates a discussion of the macro business case for diversity and inclusion inside global organizations. Participants explore:

  • Cultural diversity
  • Societal norms
  • Competitive advantages of a diverse and inclusive workforce

Map Two: How To Be Inclusive

Map Two focuses on creating a long-lasting inclusive leadership mindset. Participants learn and commit to simple yet influential behaviors, many of which can be applied immediately.


Suits different learning styles around the world

Creates an active and positive learning experience by introducing serious content in a fun and interactive way

Engages each participant in the learning process

Draws on the latest research findings and leverages inclusion best practices from global organizations in different industries

Addresses specific diversity and inclusion needs

Strengthen your organization and help grow your business by developing inclusive leaders.

Past participants have said…

“…I found immense value in this program. The game and subtle competition gives such a serious topic a playful angle and gets everyone involved. I could see that participants were completely immersed in the program activities and left with invaluable takeaway actions.”

Kartik Shethia

Vice President, Asia Pacific
Herman Miller Hong Kong

“[This] workshop is globally relevant, applicable to all levels of leaders, and has an immediate impact. Participants leave the workshop equipped to be more inclusive in simple and thoughtful ways.”

Microsoft Webinar Inclusion Diversity

Jason Walkerden

Senior Diversity & Inclusion Manager, Asia Pacific