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GlobeSmart prepares your team members to represent your business professionally and authentically around the globe.

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Just because a person on your team has a passport, doesn’t mean they’re cultured or ready to do business with a global mindset. Your team will succeed in cross-border communications when they are equipped to bridge a variety of work styles and unique customs across different cultures. It’s imperative that your employees are attuned to different environments and cultural practices without simply mimicking.

GlobeSmart teaches teams to understand the cultural nuances of the places they travel to and in the people they work with.

❌ Hostile interactions

❌ Frustrated teams

❌ Lost revenue

✅ Open collaboration

✅ Adaptive employees

✅ Sustained growth

With GlobeSmart you will see:

  • Faster, more productive business conversations and negotiations
  • Engaged employees who are more effective in their job roles
  • Expanded professional development opportunities that top talent value
  • Improved understanding of the cultures, traditions, and needs of colleagues, customers, clients, and suppliers

Develop cross-cultural skills with GlobeSmart.

Find Your Work Style

The GlobeSmart Profile helps you discover your unique work style and compares it with the styles of people in different cultures.

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Learn how to effectively work with different colleagues and cultures.

Learn About Different Cultures

Explore business relevant content on over 50 topics, including communication, relationship building, culture and customs, and more.

“GlobeSmart has been applied as a way to ensure that international and local employees are highly developed and trained in cross-cultural communication and can support the organization in becoming increasingly culturally adept and intelligent. It is more than just a web tool. It’s a launching pad for discussion, brainstorm and cultural understanding.”

GlobeSmart Adminstrator, Carlsberg Group

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