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Passport… check! Suitcase… check! Work visa… check! While these things are essential, they do not prepare your employees emotionally or culturally for their international assignment. Without comprehensive cross-cultural training, the people you send on international assignments will struggle to achieve your organizational goals.

Use GlobeSmart to set your employees up for success while they travel.

❌ Unclear expectations

❌ Frustrated employees

❌ High turnover

✅ Confident about project goals

✅ Supported teams

✅ Successful integration

When you use GlobeSmart to prepare your employees they will:

  • Understand what they are signing on for by accepting an international assignment
  • Prepare their families appropriately for the transition
  • Be culturally equipped to understand the unique customs and work styles of their destination
  • “Hit the ground running”, meaning that they will quickly be productive in their new position

Prepare for international assignments with GlobeSmart.

Find Your Work Style

The GlobeSmart Profile helps you discover your unique work style and compares it with the styles of people in different cultures.

Get Smart Advice

Learn how to effectively work with different colleagues and cultures.

Learn About Different Cultures

Explore business relevant content on over 50 topics, including communication, relationship building, culture and customs, and more.

“With one of our recent inclusion and diversity initiatives, we wanted to focus on building our global, cultural acumen as an HR community and develop a common language. We intentionally chose GlobeSmart to help us achieve this. GlobeSmart helped us learn to build cross-cultural relationships in teams, individually within HR, as well as with our internal client groups. It also helped us build self awareness of our different work styles and preferences, and to more effectively consult and influence our highly global, diverse workforce at Microsoft.”

Cathy Campbell, Senior Diversity & Inclusion Manager, Microsoft

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