Webisode Three: Work-style Differences with Global Teams

Posted on January 24, 2018

Webisode Three: Work-style Differences with Global Teams

When we first heard from Sangeeta, we started to learn about her project, her role and the challenges she has with her global team.

In webisode two, we found that there were a few issues around team alignment and clarification of roles.

Now in webisode three, we will hear Sangeeta and her colleague discuss how each global location is operating from a different set of norms leading to inefficiencies and ineffective processes.

There appear to be a few issues around global team alignment and communication.

A good first step to combat this type of issue is to compare your work style with your colleagues in different locations and see how you can bridge the gaps when working together.

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Sangeeta: Hi Michael, how are you?

Michael: I’m doing well. It’s nice to see you. How have things been going on your IT project?

Sangeeta: Things are going OK. However, it seems like each global location is operating from a different set of norms. I’m noticing a lot of inefficiencies and ineffective processes that are adding up to a big a waste of time.

Michael: Yes, I’ve seen this happen as well. Just yesterday, I learned that my colleagues in Bangalore are delaying an important meeting for a whole week because one person is on a business trip. It seems each international site wants to employ their own way of doing business. Especially, as it relates to decision making processes and getting an agreement.

Sangeeta: Yes, I’ve seen the same.

Michael: Why can’t they use our US workstyle as the norm? It would make things a whole lot easier.

Sangeeta: Yeah, I wish it were that simple. However, it seems much more complex.


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