Webisode Two: Global Team Alignment & Clarification of Roles

Categories: Global Leadership, Global Mindset, Global Teams

When we last heard from Sangeeta, we started to learn about her project, her role and the challenges she has with her global team.

In this second installment of the webisode series, we find that there appear to be a few issues around team alignment and clarification of roles.

What factors could be getting in the way of Sangeeta’s team’s success? Leave a comment below describing what you think.

There appear to be a few issues around team alignment and clarification of roles between Sangeeta and Li.

We’ll be hearing more from Sangeeta again soon, but in the meantime, if your team has experienced similar challenges…



Li: “Hello this is Li”

Sangeeta:  “Good evening Li”

Li: “Oh, Good morning Sangeeta. Did you have a nice weekend?”

Sangeeta: “Yes, I did. Thank you. I hope you had a nice weekend as well.” [Pause] “I wanted to let you know I heard from Wang last week about not moving the date in Europe.”

Sangeeta (Thought Bubble): When Wang called me back instead of Li, I felt a bit betrayed. I don’t know Wang that well. I am frustrated that our team can’t be more flexible. I thought Li and I had a stronger relationship.

Sangeeta: “I have to say, I was disappointed.”

Li: “Um, yes.” [pause] “I spoke with Wang as well.”

Li (Thought Bubble): I told Wang and my local team about Sangeeta’s request. I hope she understands that I tried my best. I’m concerned. She sounds upset.

Sangeeta: “I’m not sure Wang understands the impact of the local change in Europe and need for the delay.”

Li: “We tried our best to accommodate the needs in Europe, but after all of the planning…”

Sangeeta:  “Well, I understand the need for planning, but believe we need to be more flexible for each region.”