Working Effectively with Country X

Working Effectively with Country X is a highly-interactive, face-to-face learning session that will give learners the strategies and skills they need to successfully collaborate with their counterparts in a specific country.

Real-World Application

The programs use a variety of learning tools and hands-on activities that present the information in the context of a real-world business setting, such as:

  • Real-time advice from a country specialist
  • Role play opportunities on common business challenges
  • Utilization of the GlobeSmart® cultural intelligence tool
  • A Learning Journal for personal ideas and plans for action
Working Effectively with Country X

Learning Objectives

By the end of
the session, participants will be able to:

Identify the workplace impact of the country’s cultural themes and values
Understand and develop strategies to address the differences between themselves and their counterparts from the country
Uncover cultural similarities and differences to understand the “why” behind the behavior of counterparts in the country
Effectively utilize GlobeSmart and the GlobeSmart Profile to improve global work performance
Working Effectively with Country X GlobeSmart

Working With Country X participants will learn how to leverage the GlobeSmart ProfileSM, an online cultural inventory that enables individuals to discover & compare their own unique work-styles & get advice on how to work more effectively with other cultures & colleagues.

A Learning Solution that Delivers

Whether your employees conduct business virtually, through frequent business travel, or on assignment, they will get relevant, need-to-know content. As a result, your organization will benefit from:

  • Faster, more productive business interactions
  • Employees who are more effective in their job
  • A valuable professional development offering that can attract and retain top talent

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