What is Diversity?: Impressions of Diversity from Around the World

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In honor of World Diversity Day tomorrow, Saturday, May 21st, we decided to poll our Aperian Global global citizens to see if they could capture a person, place or thing that symbolized diversity to them.

We’ve all seen the standard stock photos and clip art that are often (over) used to represent diversity – i.e. puzzle pieces or hands in various shades of color – but this World Diversity Day, we wanted to celebrate not only what diversity means to each of us, but how and where you can find it in the world.

Once we put the word out, the photos started quickly started rolling in. Below you’ll find our top ten “Aperian Global Impressions of Diversity”. Which one is your favorite? Let us know what you think in the comments below!











 …and last but not least, a late entry we had to squeeze in as #11

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Also, if you’re looking to incorporate any of the above images into your own D&I materials, feel free to download them from SlideShare here.