YOU tell us: What makes a great global leader?

Posted on December 28, 2015

YOU tell us: What makes a great global leader?

YOU tell us: What makes a great global leader?

To celebrate the holiday season, we held a contest to give away two copies of Leading Across New Borders to a few of our devoted Facebook and LinkedIn followers. For over 20 years we’ve partnered with a wide array of clients to build and improve their global leadership development strategies, but today, we want to hear from our community what you think it takes to be a great global leader.

The entry rules were simple – all you had to do was comment on a post from last week summing up in one sentence what it takes to be a great global leader.

First of all, we wanted to thank everyone for the wonderful entries we received from our followers all over the world.

Read on to see our top ten picks, including our two lucky winners!

We asked: What makes a great global leader?

#10: Understanding misconceptions of leadership styles across and within cultures, and adjusting accordingly. – Joe Lurie, United States

#9: There are many qualities that are required, but one of the most essential quality is “culturally aware”. If you cannot understand what people think or want, then you cannot be a global leader. – Rakesh Channaiah, India

#8: Cultural diverse and agile. – Brighton Chiwera, Zimbabwe

#7: A self-awareness, focus and cross-cultural skilled person.” – Yolanda Gonzalez, China

#6: Being a global leader = key to proactively adjust to cultural & government regulations using proven, consistent business systems that blend and build into new global markets. – Kathy White, Canada

#5: Bring your intercultural skills, all of them, your wits, an open mind and heart, listen well and focus.” – Astrid van Wanum, Netherlands

#4: An inclusive mindset and the courage and appetite for wanting to be global with all the aspects that diversity brings to leadership. – Mette Bjerrum, Denmark

#3: To have the courage to create a corporate culture that unifies your employees wherever they work and empower diversity, integrity, and customer focus in the leadership across all areas of your company’s endeavors. – Eliot Freed, United States

#2: Understanding how to balance between head quarter’s wishes/directives and local possibilities in such a way that both can give each other the best. – Gigi de Groot, Sweden

#1: A non-judgemental and open mind-set blended with a set of diverse technical and management competencies that can connect, inspire and engage groups across boundaries in a digitally-shrinked but fractured world. – Mithun Mridha, France

Congratulations to our two selected winners:  Gigi  & Mithun! And, thank you again to all who participated!

Don’t forget, you can download a free chapter from Leading Across New Borders, or purchase a copy anywhere books or ebooks are sold.

Happy New Year!

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