Blog: 8-Steps to Managing Change in a Borderless Workplace

(based on Dr. John Kotter’s original change model featured in Leading Change) The global marketplace is changing quicker than we can react: change is outpacing us quicker than you can say Matcha frappuccino. Our ability to remain agile and flexible is tested. Continuous businesses transformation in an international context means that organizations need to enhance […]

Meet Sangeeta: Webisode One

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Meet Sangeeta, a global project leader. Watch the first webisode chronicling her team’s challenges.

Meet Sangeeta, a global project leader. Watch the first webisode of our series chronicling her team’s challenges. How can Sangeeta get clear agreement across boundaries? Leave a comment below describing what you would do.     Sangeeta and her team do not seem to be aligned very well and appear to have a lack of open, transparent […]

Aperian Global Quarterly Newsletter: Navigating Global Business Change

With global change comes global complexity. We’ve noticed our clients are asking more questions lately about how the development of cultural agility skills can influence larger, global change initiatives. Given this trend, we’ve put together several resources to help educate and guide you on navigating change across borders. Getting Clear Agreement Across Boundaries Imagine you […]

Blog: Top Five Staff Picks- Noteworthy reads on global talent development

Thanks to the expertise and experience of our employees, we’ve curated a monthly collection of note-worthy, thought-provoking content such as articles, books, podcasts and more. Each month we’ll share novel content in areas related to global talent development, such as global leadership, inclusion & diversity, cultural agility, teaming effectiveness, and much more. This month we’ve […]

Blog: Stories From the Training Room

While we certainly do our best to design a workshop session for a desired outcome, there are often unexpected moments of laughter, revelations, tears, or tension. The best planning cannot account for these valuable moments of learning that happen thanks to our participants, and the thoughts and behaviors that our programs trigger. As facilitators, trainers […]

Why Companies Are Making Diversity Programs a Priority in 2017

Corporate diversity programs have been big news in recent years, as companies ranging from Uber to Google institute these initiatives. Most recently, Uber launched its first diversity report in March 2017. The move came after allegations earlier in the year that the company culture promoted sexism and harassment. Uber responded with a stated commitment to […]

Gender Bias Across Borders "Women, we support you"

Research by Diversity Council Australia found that 37% of young fathers seriously considered leaving their workplaces due to a lack of flexibility. Replacing a departing employee can cost as much as 75% of his or her annual salary. Both men and women are more likely to leave an organization that does not support a proactive, […]

Blog: Celebrating the Power of Inclusion

May 21st marks the 15th anniversary of The World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue & Development. This special day is a United Nations–sanctioned international holiday celebrating and promoting diversity issues. Learn more about the holiday here. Since cultural diversity plays such a big role in the work that we do, we as an organization, like […]

Top Five Staff Picks: Noteworthy reads on inclusion and diversity

In a digital world full of noise and endless new information and data, we at Aperian Global are starting a new (free) service. Thanks to the expertise and experience of our employees, we will be curating note-worthy, thought-provoking content such as articles, books, podcasts and more, for you. Each month we’ll share novel content in […]

Blog: How Tech & Non-tech People Work Together

We recently ran an inclusion & diversity workshop that focused on bringing the tech and non-tech functions in the organization to collaborate better together. Early on in the day, our facilitator posed a seemingly simple question to the group: “How would you describe the group that you do not belong to?” The purpose was to […]

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