How to Empower Your Employees Traditional performance reviews tend to be superficial. They consider job responsibilities, whether those responsibilities have been fulfilled satisfactorily, and well, little else. This is a disservice to employees. Performance reviews need to explain why an employee is successfully meeting expectations, so they can continue to thrive, or if an employee […]

Men occupy the majority of senior leadership positions in corporations across the globe1. This is a reality women in all countries face. However, the gender imbalance is most heightened in Asian countries such as Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, China, Singapore, and the Philippines2. To help address this issue, our consulting team in Singapore held […]

March 8th 2018 marks International Women’s Day!  With recent movements like #MeToo and #TimesUp, now, more than ever, there has been a heightened momentum for gender parity. This year’s International Women’s Day campaign theme, #PressForProgress, encourages us to think, act and be more gender inclusive. We at Aperian Global embrace the #PressForProgress movement every day by helping […]

Whether you are preparing to work abroad for the first time, currently working abroad, or are a seasoned expat, you can learn a lot about your overseas experience from an unlikely source – astronauts. Perhaps undertaking the most extreme form of expatriation – going some 30 million miles into outer space to work and live […]

Noteworthy Reads on Finding Focus and Creativity

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Thanks to the expertise and experience of our employees, we’ve curated a quarterly collection of noteworthy, thought-provoking content such as articles, books, podcasts and more. As we start the new year, many of our thought leaders took the holiday season to read and reflect on finding balance between their work and personal lives. Their common […]

Company Culture

Company culture has been a trending business topic over the last few years, with important leaders like American Airlines CEO Doug Parker1, Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky2, and Huffington Post co-founder and editor-in-chief Ariana Huffington3 touting its vital importance. But why is company culture so important, and how does an organization identify and define its culture? […]

Top Threat to Successful Employee Integration

There are many benefits to hiring a diverse workforce: new ideas and perspectives, greater creativity, and advanced customer understanding are just a few of the positive attributes diversified staffing can bring. However, hiring employees with varied backgrounds and skills does not automatically mean your company will reap benefits. Successfully integrating new, diverse staff members requires […]

Influencing Across Cultures

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In our flattened, ever-connected global marketplace, success hinges largely on how well people are able to influence others. Engineers and those in operations are often focused on influencing people internal to the organization, while marketing departments typically dwell in the realm of influencing external customers and the media. Matrixed organizations complicate the situation, demanding the […]

When we first heard from Sangeeta, we started to learn about her project, her role and the challenges she has with her global team. In webisode two, we found that there were a few issues around team alignment and clarification of roles. Now in webisode three, we will hear Sangeeta and her colleague discuss how […]

Guest post by: Dr. Richard Griffith, Executive Director of The Institute for Cross Cultural Management at the Florida Institute of Technology Our world faces many tremendous challenges that can only be solved through international collaboration. The stemming of geopolitical conflict, global climate change, and worldwide health crises all will require the pooling of intellect and […]

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