Inclusion & Diversity

Why Companies Are Making Diversity Programs a Priority in 2017

Corporate diversity programs have been big news in recent years, as companies ranging from Uber to Google institute these initiatives. Most recently, Uber launched its first diversity report in March 2017. The move came after claims earlier in the year that the company culture promoted sexism and harassment. Uber responded with a stated commitment to […]

Gender Bias Across Borders "Women, we support you"

Research by Diversity Council Australia found that 37% of young fathers seriously considered leaving their workplaces due to a lack of flexibility. Replacing a departing employee can cost as much as 75% of his or her annual salary. Both men and women are more likely to leave an organization that does not support a proactive, […]

Blog: Celebrating the Power of Inclusion

May 21st marks the 15th anniversary of The World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue & Development. This special day is a United Nations–sanctioned international holiday celebrating and promoting diversity issues. Learn more about the holiday here. Since cultural diversity plays such a big role in the work that we do, we as an organization, like […]

Top Five Staff Picks: Noteworthy reads on inclusion and diversity

In a digital world full of noise and endless new information and data, we at Aperian Global are starting a new (free) service. Thanks to the expertise and experience of our employees, we will be curating note-worthy, thought-provoking content such as articles, books, podcasts and more, for you. Each month we’ll share novel content in […]

Blog: How Tech & Non-tech People Work Together

We recently ran an inclusion & diversity workshop that focused on bringing the tech and non-tech functions in the organization to collaborate better together. Early on in the day, our facilitator posed a seemingly simple question to the group: “How would you describe the group that you do not belong to?” The purpose was to […]

Women in Tech: The Impact of Gender Diversity in IT

Post by Aperian Global Director of Consulting, Janet Mi based in Shanghai, China Over dinner, my husband, who works in the Shanghai office of an internationally-known mobile gaming company, tells me that he’s recruiting for a scrum master and interestingly, the female candidates impressed him more than the male candidates. Wait – what does a […]

International Women's Day header image

Should we really wait the predicted 170 years it will take to reach gender parity (estimated by the World Economic Forum)? The International Women’s Day (#IWD2017) is a forum and reminder to drive change. This year’s motto #beboldforchange drives us to think beyond raising awareness. Instead it urges us to become change catalysts and join […]

the social and cultural impacts of hosting the olympic games

The prestigious Olympic Games represent unity, pride, elite athleticism, and peace around the globe. They bring together the world’s leading athletes, and hundreds of millions of spectators watch in awe as they represent their home countries and compete for the ultimate glory of bringing home a medal. Much more than a series of sports competitions, […]

fostering motivation with learners in the global workplace

A senior executive at a large global corporation, Maria, struggles to motivate employees in Taipei during training sessions. Maria uses a variety of tactics to motivate employees during training periods, and those ongoing initiatives are largely the same through her branch of the corporation, which employs workers from six different countries and offers financial bonuses […]

Remember the Battle of the Somme: Promote Inclusion Now

By David Everhart, President, Aperian Global Friday night across Europe governments and citizens held vigils to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the start of the Battle of the Somme. At 7:30 AM on July 1, 1916, whistles blew along the Allied trenches and thousands of soldiers went “over the top” and into the teeth of withering […]

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