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In collaboration with the Municipality of Kolding, Aperian Global wrapped up a series of pro-bono training sessions to help Syrian refugees integrate into Danish society, while equipping potential employers and municipal workers with the cross-cultural skills to ease integration. After a full-day spent participating in our Thriving In A New Culture workshop with 17 other […]

Are you traveling or working on globally dispersed and/or culturally diverse team? GlobeSmart®, our cultural intelligence resource for improved global collaboration is now available via our online store! Shop Now!

  We are in a time that is considered an era of rapid change as multinationals pave a new path to growth in a global marketplace.  What has emerged is a new workforce with varying demographics, needs and expectations. Talent management has become a growing imperative and expatriate assignments play an increasingly critical role in […]

In our monthly interview series, Inside Aperian Global, you will get to know the passionate people that drive Aperian Global’s mission, values, and day-to-day operations. Aperian Global’s employees will provide you with a sneak peek into their work lives and share stories about themselves. This month, we asked Mui Hwa Ng, our Director of Consulting […]

3 Things Successful Managers of Repatriates Do

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Multinational organizations invest in their high potentials by sending them on international assignments. Expatriates are expected to acquire global leadership skills, to bring home new market knowledge, and to become ready for the next career step in the organization. But what if the next step for these motivated, high-value employees is leaving? It’s a retention […]

Guest blog from Ed Marshall, Practice Leader for Global Mobility, IMPACT Group The investment in a global assignment, when done effectively, can be a win-win for the employee and the organization. The employee gains invaluable experience while learning a new culture and deepening his or her knowledge of the business, while the organization cultivates a well-rounded leader […]

A press release was issued today, January 14th to announce our exciting new partnership with IMPACT Group.  See details below: SAINT LOUIS, MO and OAKLAND, CA–(Marketwired – January 14, 2016) – Two market leaders with over 20 years in their respective industries, IMPACT Group — a WBE-global career transitions firm — and Aperian Global — a […]

Post by David Everhart, President, Aperian Global More and more people are globally mobile, moving from their home country to other international locations to support global business needs. Sadly, few companies take advantage of the vast knowledge that these roving managers gain of different markets, ideas for inventing or enhancing products and services, and strengthened […]

how MBA students develop virtual team skills

Workforce globalization coupled with increasingly sophisticated technology gave birth to a new way of collaborating. People can now brainstorm together, work autonomously across time, space and physical location, and come together as often as necessary to discuss their progress. As technology continues to provide upgraded and sophisticated ways for global teams to collaborate, there is […]

Anita, a Shanghai-based hiring manager, is fixing a cup of tea as she contemplates her current request coming from company headquarters in Germany. The Shanghai plant recently developed and launched a new product to be sold globally.  As Marketing needs to begin planning for an aggressive product launch, HQ is keen to ensure successful knowledge […]

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