Although Aperian Global offers a wide range of self-guided or instructor-led global competency resources, we also serve as a sounding board to our clients when additional guidance is needed. As part of our consultative services, we supplement our global competency training and learning programs with bespoke intercultural consulting. We can provide this expertise on as as-needed or retainer basis.

Consulting Expertise You Can Trust

With a quarter century of cultural competence training experience to draw upon, you can count on Aperian Global to provide expert consulting services that can enhance the performance of your global operations. We’ve partnered with clients in over 60 countries around the world, helping them improve their ability to compete on a global stage. Read on to learn more about our specific intercultural competence consulting services and how they can benefit your organization.

Intercultural Consulting Available in a Number of Key Areas

We give you access to consulting services encompassing a variety of key areas that are critical to performing at a high level in the global marketplace. The following is illustrative of the types of consulting engagements for which we can help your organization:

Global Leadership Development Initiatives

Many organizations are investing in leadership programs, but do not pay enough attention to ensuring programs fit the needs of all leaders (from high-potentials to top executives) from all regions and countries around the globe.

Aperian Global maps proven, research-validated leadership behaviors to our client’s leadership competency models to ensure our clients are receiving maximum benefit from their development investments.

We believe in focusing on the behavioral aspects of leadership. Take advantage of our valuable guidance to help develop your organizational leaders in terms of the behavioral aspects of the leadership role. Our talent management consulting services can also help you evaluate team members and identify opportunities for improvement. If you are planning to expand your scope on a global scale via mergers and acquisitions, our M&A consulting services can enable success before, during and after the transaction.

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Global Scorecard

Our clients’ growth trajectory is global. The question we keep hearing from our clients is, “Does our organization have the right talent, in the right place, to enable our vision for global growth?” The Global Scorecard enables organizations to benchmark themselves against best practices in global talent management and build a roadmap toward sustainable global growth.

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Mergers & Acquisitions | Joint Ventures

We help guide clients towards successful integrations through recognizing and working through organizational and cultural differences. We have experience reviewing current and past processes for global deals and have assisted our clients with post-merger integration efforts to promote effective collaboration.

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Keynotes & Facilitation for corporate off-sites

Aperian Global consultants and experts challenge executive strategic planning teams and/or large audiences to re-examine assumptions about the global marketplace.

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Global Talent Development

Our intercultural consulting services can facilitate global talent development in multiple ways. In addition to our core solutions, we offer customized program design and delivery that can help your team develop a global mindset and improve virtual team performance. We can also provide country-specific training to increase effectiveness, and to improve the performance of your international assignees.

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Global Mobility

We also provide global mobility consulting tailored to meet the needs of international assignees and their families. We help them in their preparation for adapting to a new culture and way of life, which increases the likelihood of a successful venture.

International assignments have quickly become an integral part of employees’ career development and can be one of the most effective talent development tools when done properly. We help our clients prepare for every step of the international assignee cycle from Selection to Repatriation and offer customized learning programs and consulting every step of the way.

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