Global Mindset

Critical Foundations for Global Mindset & Cross-Cultural Intelligence

The ability to communicate effectively, build relationships across borders, and collaborate with a diverse set of colleagues and partners are critical global mindset skills in today’s academic and business environment. Beyond cultural protocol, Aperian Global provides concrete cultural intelligence and actionable strategies that prevent misunderstandings and accelerate the communication process for tangible results when working globally. Through business culture training that features the blending of virtual or live facilitated workshops and self-directed online learning tools, we provide learners with a variety of options for improving their global business skills that meet different learning styles and budgets.

Engagement with our clients is traditionally via the following methods:

Embedding Aperian Global workshops as an open enrollment course in a “corporate university” learning & development curriculum;
Integrating workshops and assessments as part of a leadership development cohort or team offsite;
Offering “moment of need” workshops for our clients’ intact teams or working groups in anticipation of, or in reaction to, specific global challenges.
Aperian Global is an HRCI Approved Provider and SHRM Preferred Provider and can award recertification credit hours for our training activities.

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Global Mindset: Our Point-of-View

Developing a global mindset is necessary for professional development & advancement in global organizations

A global mindset provides a common language for working successfully with global colleagues

Developing a concrete, practical global mindset enhances performance across borders

A global mindset accelerates communications, driving faster & stronger results

A strong global mindset heightens the cultural IQ of organizations, providing a competitive advantage

Case Studies

Multinational Management Consulting


The Global Diversity & Inclusion team of one of the world’s largest consulting, technology services and outsourcing firms sought to gauge the multicultural mindset stages of their top leaders and launch a certification program for their senior-level employees. Once certified as “Champions of Global Diversity & Inclusion,” these leaders would serve as internal cultural ambassadors and eventually lead workshops focused on developing cross cultural competencies of their colleagues.


Based on the results of an extensive needs assessment conducted by our team, a four-part assessment and learning process was developed, including:

  • A self-assessment tool to rate the senior leaders’ level of cross cultural competency
  • One-on-one coaching led by Aperian Global consultants to debrief assessment results
  • Virtual session focused on developing key global leadership behaviors
  • Online Learning Path with GlobeSmart

After two years of conducting the program, the organization has successfully certified over 30 Champions, with more potential Champions being identified for future roll-outs.

Working effectively with Iraq


As one of the world’s leading energy companies began operations in Iraq, the company wanted to ensure their non-Iraqi employees had the strategic cultural knowledge and skills to be successful in the Iraqi context.


Working with both senior leaders and local Iraqis, Aperian Global designed a Working Effectively with Iraq workshop for all international employees assigned to Iraq. In addition, Aperian Global developed a pre-departure webcast for all Iraq-bound employees that focused on client-specific topics such as Health, Safety and Security to supplement the hands-on culture and business learning.


The solution has been rolled out to all Iraq-bound employees, with sessions offered in both the US and Middle East. The successful impact of the design has provided Aperian Global with the opportunity to design and deliver Arabic-based leadership development curricula for the company’s Iraqi employees.

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