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An industry-leading online cultural intelligence resource for improved cross-cultural understanding

GlobeSmart-Logois our flagship online resource that was developed through extensive research and in-depth interviews with business professionals from more than 95 nations around the world. With GlobeSmart, you get instant access to detailed information that provides reliable guidance on how to conduct business dealings with individuals in other countries. You’ll find a vast array of relevant content that is organized into more than 50 topics specifically designed to help users increase their cultural agility. More than 180 organizations have made GlobeSmart a key component of their cross-cultural training efforts, including approximately 30% of Fortune 100 companies.

GlobeSmart can help you and your organization:

  • Promote global team collaboration and enhance communication
  • Improve overseas management
  • Work effectively with global clients and vendors
  • Support international travelers
  • Understand colleagues’ daily realities and challenges

Increase your organization’s cultural intelligence through this innovative web-based tool. GlobeSmart offers a user-friendly, blended approach that can help your team members develop the global mindset that is necessary for achieving your cultural-learning objectives.

GlobeSmart users have access to:

Specific advice for traveling and doing business with over 95 different countries.
Quizzes that let users test their knowledge and identify gaps about different cultures.
Audio guides for useful phrases and common names in each country.
Specialized information for the LGBT community in every country.
Overviews of attitudes toward women in business.

With GlobeSmart, you will have access to the GlobeSmart ProfileSM , an online cultural inventory proven to increase the effectiveness of global business interactions.

Feature Highlights

GlobeSmart online cultural inventory Asia Pacific sample profile
GlobeSmart Profile Country Content - Brazil
GlobeSmart Profile Country Content - Japan
GlobeSmart Profile Brazil names and phrases example
From the GlobeSmart home page, users can explore the various regions and countries, take the GlobeSmart Profile survey, view questions and answers from other GlobeSmart users, test out cultural knowledge, or view images of the 95+ countries within the GlobeSmart tool.
Hovering over the map or the different region names allows users to select a country to explore. There are currently over 95 countries within GlobeSmart.
Each country page offers a slideshow introducing the country, maps, questions and answers relevant to the country, quizzes and case studies to test comprehension, images of the country, and helpful resources to learn more.
Within each country section, users have access to explore over 50 topics per country related to Business Skills, Culture & Customs, and Travel & General Information.
Each topic page includes information, strategies, and advice to help users succeed and engage effectively with counterparts from the researched country.
Many topics include short videos featuring a country expert offering additional insights and advice.
Navigating to the Names & Phrases sections allows users to hear common names and basic phrases spoken by a native speaker.
Also included in GlobeSmart is Global Advice. This section provides extensive resources and best practices for working globally, traveling abroad, managing across boundaries, and developing a global mindset.
In addition to GlobeSmart country content, users will have access to the GlobeSmart Profile, a statistically valid instrument that helps uncover preferred work-styles and allows users to compare their own Profiles with other cultures and colleagues.

Case Studies

Global Management Consulting


A global leader in consulting, design and operations for government, civil, industrial and energy clients was facing many challenges working to create an inclusive work environment for its 23,000 employees worldwide.


In support of developing a diverse and inclusive workplace, the firm leveraged an enterprise-wide GlobeSmart® license as a resource to provide business and cultural guidance to global employees. To build internal momentum for GlobeSmart, a multi-pronged internal marketing campaign was developed with the assistance of an Aperian Global Web Tools Marketing Manager that included a robust awareness effort. It was designed to introduce leaders, managers, and employees to the tool’s benefits including:

  • Strengthening team, client, supplier, and community relationships through cultural understanding and communications.
  • Reviewing and managing communication gaps and strengths.
  • Accessing pertinent in-country information.
  • Facilitating the development and integration of teams domestically and internationally.

The campaign was initially rolled out to the firm’s human resources department, then to business group and corporate function leaders. Shortly thereafter, GlobeSmart was launched company-wide and live training and Q&A sessions were offered to employees interested in using the tool.


As a result of the awareness efforts, over 100 new users per month accessed GlobeSmart. GlobeSmart is recognized organization-wide as a strategic differentiator in the areas of client relationship management, internal team building, cultural efficacy and business development. Senior leaders used the tool on project pursuits and positioning efforts in Switzerland and Brazil, commenting that they’ve been able to develop more culturally appropriate proposals by improving cross-cultural communication between team members and clients. GlobeSmart also continues to assist in meeting diversity goals of attracting, developing and retaining the most talented employees in the industry. The quality and diversity of their workforce gives them a competitive advantage in the marketplace and creates an inclusive company culture in which all employees are valued.

Swiss Multinational Pharmaceutical Company


The Global IT group within a Swiss multinational pharmaceutical company wanted to improve their inclusivity within the organization, including establishing relationships across cultural differences, effectively managing employees across cultures and strengthening team collaboration.


The organization leveraged their GlobeSmart® license to reach their goals via two approaches:

Top-Down Approach: Starting with the IT Leadership team in a 1-hour session, team members were invited to complete their GlobeSmart ProfileSM and review dimension scenarios prior to a facilitated virtual session.

Bottom-Up Approach: Sessions were hosted in the IT hub locations (Switzerland, Texas, New Jersey, Prague, Czech and India) and virtual eMeetings were conducted for all other locations.


Team members were empowered with the tools to educate themselves about how to collaborate and work effectively with colleagues from different cultures or with varying work styles. In order to drive adoption of the tool, it was important to “touch” the team members at an individual level.