We help individuals, teams, and organizations work effectively across boundaries.

We are dedicated to facilitating better understanding — both globally and locally — so organizations can succeed in what they do best.

We help clients:

  • Foster inclusive work environments
  • Grow in new global markets
  • Accelerate the development of global leaders
  • Prepare expatriates to succeed
  • Integrate mergers and acquisitions
  • Implement global change initiatives

We help clients avoid:

  • Alienated customers and business prospects
  • Failed global assignments
  • Misunderstanding and miscommunication due to cultural differences
  • Delays in the integration of mergers or acquisitions that result in poor return on investment
  • Loss of high potential talent who sense a lack of inclusion and clear career paths

What’s in a name?

Aperian is derived from the Latin word “aperire,” which means “to open” or “to provide access to.”

‘Aperian Global’ reflects our mission to support effective boundary-crossing for higher business performance.

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The Aperian Global Story

Aperian Global started out as a two-person enterprise in 1991.

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Our team of staff and consultants live all over the world and speak many different languages. Get to know them better.

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We stay true to our mission to improve the world in our work and our free time.

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