A sense of belonging for every member of the global workforce.

We work where you do.

Global inclusion is not possible without cultural perspective.

Our team of experts across the world tailor learning experiences to resonate within specific cultures, while remaining true to globally consistent concepts. We partner with organizations in more than 40 countries and deliver learning experiences in local languages to help global teams work better together.

With ~67,000 employees across 26 countries, our partnership with Aperian Global is an important one. Their experts and advisors help us continue to be intentional about our global approach to diversity, equity and inclusion.

— Walton Price, Global Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Collins Aerospace

You can trust us.

Our solutions are backed by research, approved by local experts, and have supported more than 3 million learners. We keep diverse cognitive and cultural learning styles front of mind, along with the latest adult learning theory best practices.

Learning is a journey, not an event.

We’ve designed our scalable, live, and self-paced learning experiences to be actionable and solidify concepts over time. The goal? Real-life behavior change that grows inclusive communities.

Our roots run deep.

When our founders met in 1990, our work was launched out of their shared experiences struggling with identity and belonging while living in different countries. What started as cultural awareness trainings on VHS tapes, 30 years later has become an international team of bridge builders dedicated to global inclusion learning journeys. Through it all, our mission has remained the same: to bridge boundaries through deeper understanding of ourselves and others.


We’ve been at it for 30 years, and we’ll keep at it until every member of the workforce is thriving.

Ready to begin your organization’s inclusion journey?