Northeastern University Boston

GlobeSmart, our flagship online learning platform, has been used in academia for years. This year GlobeSmart is featured in the eighth edition of International Management Behavior: Global and Sustainable Leadership, published by Cambridge University Press. We had the privilege to talk to one of the authors of the textbook, Professor Harry Lane of the D’Amore-McKim […]

How to Be Inclusive of Refugees in the Workplace

With 25.9 million refugees globally, the world is witnessing the highest levels of displacement on record (UNHCR, 2019). It has never been more important to consider how to best integrate and include refugees in society, especially in the workplace.  Nidal Seide, a Senior Consultant at our Kolding, Denmark office, sat down with us to discuss […]

What are some of the first impressions that refugees entering Denmark have about their new colleagues? Our infographic outlines 5 common cultural traits that surprise new arrivals. You can learn more about the impact our first training session had on Syrian refugees here.

The Business Case for Inclusion

Want to make the case to promote a more inclusive work environment at your organization? Our latest infographic, “The Business Case for Inclusion,” offers compelling stats that will grab leadership’s attention. You can learn more about inclusion in the workplace with the eBook Inclusive Leadership Trends.

The Human Impact of Diversity and Inclusion

There is no doubt that diversity and inclusion is a hot workplace topic, which seems to only be expanding in terms of interest and approaches. Recently, one of our clients responded to our infographic “How Culturally Diverse Teams Win in the Workplace” with some excellent questions about diversity and inclusion. We thought these questions were […]

Blog Header_ Diversity Training_ Engaging Reluctant Managers

Imagine a scene where managers arrive for a company-mandated diversity training session. Participants shuffle into the room at the last minute. Many have their eyes downcast. Few sit in the front near the instructor. You can almost hear the silent voices in the room expressing either dread or cautious anticipation. “I’m going to have to […]

International Students Brock University

Instructor Susan Melnichuk teaches the Masters Preparatory Certificate in Education (MPCE) program at Brock University in Ontario, Canada. All of the students in the September 2018 cohort had completed undergraduate degrees in their home countries, but few had ever been to Canada before. The majority of students came from China, but two students came from […]

InterNations How to Support Foreign Assignees

The relocation support that foreign assignees receive from their employer, as well as the ease at which they settle in and find happiness abroad, largely varies between countries. These are some of the findings from the recently released Expat Insider 2018 Business Edition Country Focus, an InterNations Business Solutions report zooming in on foreign assignees, […]

Priorities at Work

Imagine you’re assigned to a new project at work with new team members, whom you know very little about. Would you likely dive right into the project, or are you the type who wants to get to know your new colleagues a bit before charging ahead?   If you’ve ever taken the GlobeSmart Profile, you […]

Guest post by Theresa Häfner, Head of Business Solutions at InterNations. With her expat expertise, Theresa explains the shift in relocation needs, how this shift should be embraced by employers, and the mutual benefits it holds. Concepts such as “New Work”, employee experience, and work-life balance are becoming more and more prominent in HR — […]