Announcing the Publication of “Inclusive Leadership, Global Impact”

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Aperian Global is proud to announce the publication of “Inclusive Leadership, Global Impact,” co-written by the company’s co-founder and Managing Partner Dr. Ernest Gundling and Dr. Cheryl Williams, a university professor and former HR executive. The book is available for purchase on Amazon here.

“Now, more than ever, organizations need to develop clear diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies with a global lens,” Dr. Gundling says. “Effective DEI leadership enables organizations to attract and retain talent, expand into new markets, boost collaboration and innovation, and grow their business—all while making a positive social contribution.”

Dr. Williams is a firm believer that an organization’s footprint makes a significant difference in how people are seen, valued, and respected. She says, “One must recognize that they will start where they are on their journey to inclusiveness and belongingness, that it’s personal… and an organization is their people. People work for and do business with people.”

In “Inclusive Leadership, Global Impact” the authors demonstrate how global inclusion initiatives can be combined with local insights to engage valuable employees around the world, mitigate a range of legal and brand reputation risks, and position their organizations for a new wave of innovation and growth propelled by a truly inclusive work environment.

Throughout the book, Dr. Gundling and Dr. Williams provide vital insights and actionable behaviors that leaders can implement in order to better achieve their goals. The book features:

  • A global DEI framework that embraces local knowledge while addressing the common issue of marginalization in its various forms around the world;
  • Major trends in the current inclusion landscape, with advice about risk mitigation, competitive advantage, and commitments to equity;
  • Five stages of inclusive leadership development, each featuring specific individual behaviors supported by empirical research and decades of experience;
  • Practical ways to move from knowledge about unconscious bias and “bias fatigue” to inclusive everyday actions;
  • Recommendations for driving systemic change using key organizational levers for greater inclusivity

“With Inclusive Leadership, Global Impact, we provide a clear roadmap for global organizations across a variety of industries to get to where they want to be with their diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts,” says Dr. Williams.