KIA Motors Mexico Success Story

From time to time, we like to feature real client case studies to exhibit the impact our solutions have. The next story demonstrates how pertinent understanding cultural differences and work styles are for a healthy and productive team. Expat Managers, Local Employees In 2014, the construction of KIA Motors Mexico (KMM) plant in Pesquería, located […]

The better we understand one another, the more inclusive and productive we become. Inclusion & diversity has been top of mind for most of our clients this year, so we have compiled several practical resources to help you with making your workplace more safe and inclusive, no matter where you are in your D&I journey. […]

Brain-Based Leadership: What’s Missing? (Part 2)

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Neuroscience and Leadership

By Ernest Gundling, Ph.D. The first article in this series suggested that approaches to leadership informed by neuroscience are incomplete if they fail to take into account not only how the brain functions but also the cultural influences that shape it. We cited research suggesting that how we define ourselves, what we perceive, and the […]

What’s Your Workplace Animal?

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What's Your Workplace Animal?

It’s no secret – sometimes the workplace can feel like a jungle. We hope our infographic will help you uncover your workplace animal and gain some insight into the types of personalities you interact with on a daily basis. If you want to dive even further into your work style and learn more about the GlobeSmart Profile, sign […]

brain-based leadership

By Ernest Gundling, Ph.D. Approaches to leadership based on neuroscience are alluring. Advances in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) have provided an exciting new window into the everyday functions of the brain. Consultants and coaches eagerly cite the latest neuroscience research as the basis for their leadership advice, focusing on how it can be applied to […]

Generation Z in the Workplace

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In honor of International Youth Day on August 12, we want to celebrate the youth and young adults now entering the global workforce — otherwise known as Generation Z. This year the United Nations selected the theme “Safe Spaces for Youth,” and given the current dialogue around safe and inclusive work spaces, we feel this is […]

Avoiding Cultural Sour Notes Conventional wisdom says that one can prepare for the challenges of living abroad by studying, engaging with people from a host country, and learning the language. While these all help, research has shown that it is the intentional, persistent, and focused attention of a person’s self-reflection on their learning — over […]

Developing Global Leaders Lightbulb

Aperian Global recently completed a very successful global leadership development program for a leading high-tech, global manufacturing organization. The program focused on developing participants’ cross-cultural agility, global influencing skills, a collaborative mindset, and the ability to balance local and global priorities. The customized workshop was designed to help the client’s middle- to senior-level managers better […]

Visby, Gotland during Sweden's Almedalen Week

This week, our Director of Consulting for the EMEA region, Ekaterina von Gertten, participated in a roundtable discussion during Sweden’s annual Almedalen Week. The weeklong event and the specific discussion on immigrant youth she was a part of are of considerable interest, given the current political climate in Europe and around the world. We were […]

A Quick Look at LGBTQ Rights in the Global Workplace

LGBTQ Rights in the Global Workplace Before sending staff abroad for short-term rotation or relocation, it is critical to properly prepare your assignees. This includes bracing your staff for cultural and societal differences. GlobeSmart has practical advice and information on 97 cultures across the globe, including current societal attitudes towards the LGBTQ community. Learn more […]