A Manufacturing Company Supports Families Moving Internationally

Throughout our partnership across the last 20 years, this manufacturing company has expanded both its production operations and business locations globally. To support their growth, they have increased their number of international assignments significantly and required a flexible partner who can provide customized training for every member of the family.


An established brand with worldwide reach, this company strives to provide the highest level of global mobility support to employees. They required a consulting and training partner that could equip their assignees and families with the skills to integrate and adapt to new global locations. They were seeking cross-cultural training services that were adaptable depending on each international assignee’s circumstances, experience, family needs, and assignment destination.

It was quite a luxury to step out and reflect on our decisions as a family, and a nicely facilitated process to help us think more about what we want to get out of our assignment. I really appreciate that I went through the training with my spouse.

— Vice President, Thriving in a New Culture Participant

Figuring Out the Solution

Based on a collaborative needs assessment it was determined that the manufacturing company needed global mobility support for:

  • Preparing and supporting global talent on assignment
  • Preparing and supporting assignee families for a successful international relocation
  • Strengthening global teams by building trust, clear communication, and active collaboration

Preparing & Supporting Talent for Global Success

For over 20 years we have helped the manufacturing company prepare and support their international assignees through:

  • Customizable Thriving in a New Culture programs, which equips participants with strategies to minimize culture shock, establish credibility, create trust, and communicate effectively with locals.
  • Virtual Country Briefings for Short-Term Assignees, which is a two-hour virtual training on their assigned country.
  • Pre and/or Post Assignment coaching that helps assignees understand and prepare for what to expect when they arrive in their new location.

Supporting Families on International Assignment

The manufacturing company understands and values the need for the whole family to successfully transition and adapt to their host country. The “Thriving in a New Culture” program for kids and teens, meets children where they are, with topics that are of interest to them, and focuses on the foundations necessary for successful international integration. It provides youth with practical strategies to adjust and settle into a new country, allows space for them to express what moving means to them, and prepares them for the physical and emotional realities of an international move.

Strengthening Global Teams

Aperian Global has collaborated with the manufacturing company to customize team development programs such as a team Thriving in Denmark program for a group of U.K. leaders. This program included team foundations for developing skills to effectively perform on a multicultural team. Leaders established a desired future state for their teams and gained practical skills for building team trust.


Over the last two decades, we have successfully helped prepare and support more than 700 global employees and families as they have expanded the company’s global presence with headquarters in Europe, and locations in North America and Asia Pacific. Their products are now sold in more than 140 countries.

Out of 304 Thriving in a New Culture participants:

  • 97% agreed the program provided them with practical skills, knowledge, and strategies.
  • 97% agreed that the program will positively impact their effectiveness when interacting with people from other cultures.
  • 94% agreed they feel better prepared to live and work in their assigned country.