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Blog Header_ Diversity Training_ Engaging Reluctant Managers

Imagine a scene where managers arrive for a company-mandated diversity training session. Participants shuffle into the room at the last minute. Many have their eyes downcast. Few sit in the front near the instructor. You can almost hear the silent voices in the room expressing either dread or cautious anticipation. “I’m going to have to […]

Corporate Diversity Programs in 2017: What's Working & What's Not

Corporate diversity programs have been big news in recent years, as companies ranging from Uber to Google institute these initiatives. Most recently, Uber launched its first diversity report in March 2017. The move came after claims earlier in the year that the company culture promoted sexism and harassment. Uber responded with a stated commitment to […]

IWD #BalanceforBetter

  What does #BalanceforBetter look like? Every International Women’s Day, employees at Aperian Global take time to pause, reflect, and make a new pledge to work towards gender parity. With 9 offices around the globe and each office made up of a diverse mixture of individuals, our pledges often look different office to office, department […]

Attitudes Towards Women

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Attitudes Towards Women Blog Header

It can be easy to get lost in our own immediate reality and forget how different life can be for others around the world. Whether you are located in North America or across the world in South Asia, it is undoubtedly an interesting time for women. There have been many recent events, spanning from Brazil […]

We are often asked how we support companies in diversity and inclusion (D&I) initiatives. The truth is, diversity can look very, very different, depending on geography, industry, organization, culture, and a number of other factors. For this reason, successful inclusion initiatives tend to vary widely. Inclusion best practices must be customized to the unique diversity […]

The better we understand one another, the more inclusive and productive we become. Inclusion & diversity has been top of mind for most of our clients this year, so we have compiled several practical resources to help you with making your workplace more safe and inclusive, no matter where you are in your D&I journey. […]

Generation Z in the Workplace

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In honor of International Youth Day on August 12, we want to celebrate the youth and young adults now entering the global workforce — otherwise known as Generation Z. This year the United Nations selected the theme “Safe Spaces for Youth,” and given the current dialogue around safe and inclusive work spaces, we feel this is […]

Visby, Gotland during Sweden's Almedalen Week

This week, our Director of Consulting for the EMEA region, Ekaterina von Gertten, participated in a roundtable discussion during Sweden’s annual Almedalen Week. The weeklong event and the specific discussion on immigrant youth she was a part of are of considerable interest, given the current political climate in Europe and around the world. We were […]

A Quick Look at LGBTQ Rights in the Global Workplace

LGBTQ Rights in the Global Workplace Before sending staff abroad for short-term rotation or relocation, it is critical to properly prepare your assignees. This includes bracing your staff for cultural and societal differences. GlobeSmart has practical advice and information on 97 cultures across the globe, including current societal attitudes towards the LGBTQ community. Learn more […]

Diverse Teams Win in the Workplace - Cultural Diversity Day

Diverse Teams Win in the Workplace In honor of World Day for Cultural Diversity we’re celebrating how diverse teams win the workplace. Diversity is important in the composition of organizations, as it helps generate creativity, innovation, and out-of-the-box problem solving. This infographic is a quick reminder that diversity and inclusion stand to benefit us all! Please […]