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Do you manage global teams of workers? Learn how to align your teams and have your employees working together at the highest level.

Leading Global Teams: Building Alignment

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How can a global team leader create shared goals when heading up a team that spans boundaries of geography, culture, and function? In spite of long, successful track records in high-level domestic leadership positions, even the most senior executives struggle to create shared vision within their global teams, citing it as their key challenge. Differences […]

Global and Virtual Teaming

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What are the primary obstacles that global, virtual teams must overcome, and how can they address them? Creating a high performance team is difficult enough in any context. For a team with members in different parts of the world who must work virtually across time and distance, accomplishing ambitious performance goals becomes more challenging still. […]

Leading and Managing Virtual Teams

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How to Lead and Manage Virtual Teams

How to Lead and Manage Virtual Teams A manager is brought into his boss’s office and told he is going to be assigned to a new project. This is not a surprise; his success leading previous teams has translated into responsibility for increasingly important and complex projects. He likes a new challenge. He asks who, […]

Outsourcing & Offshoring: Considerations for a Successful Global Enterprise

The words outsourcing and offshoring provoke many different reactions. Some hear these terms and consider them a natural aspect of globalization, a way to leverage talent given the “flattening” of world business through advanced communication technologies. Others find such trends to be threatening, leading to lost jobs, a reduction in product or process quality, and […]

Cross-Border M&A: Downstream Implications

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Cross-Border M&A: Downstream Implications

Mergers and acquisitions continue to be a global craze: over $1.3 trillion has changed hands in the first half of 2006 alone on more than 13,482 deals worldwide1. But, as previous statistical summaries have indicated, the M&A failure rate continues to range between 60% and 75%. Why? It’s All About Integration There are five misconceptions […]