8-Steps to Managing Change in a Borderless Workplace

Categories: Global Leadership, Global Teams
(based on Dr. John Kotter’s original change model featured in Leading Change)

The global marketplace is changing quicker than we can react: change is outpacing us quicker than you can say Matcha frappuccino. Our ability to remain agile and flexible is tested. Continuous businesses transformation in an international context means that organizations need to enhance the ability to localize their change efforts while approaching them with a global mindset.

Check out our version of Dr. John Kotter’s 8-Steps of Leading Change Model (below, on the left), infused with a hint and dash of international flavor.

Examine what motivators drive your local teams. Help the team see the need for change and the importance of speed based on their cultural management and communication preference.

Ensure you have support from top level with the right skills and credibility. Pull in local key influencer and recruit from your diverse pool of employees (maybe through your Employee Resource Groups).

Leverage the evidence for change to create a shared roadmap & build two levels of success metrics – on a global and local scale.

Confirm acceptance and understanding for change by using the knowledge on local difference in risk-aversion, tolerance of ambiguity and communication style.

Remove local barriers to make the team successful, be flexible in the approach used to gain traction.

Identify and broadcast early wins to gain momentum, alternatively pilot in a high-impact region.

Use momentum from quick wins to continue driving change across different regions.

Reward and encourage new behavior to embed into the culture.

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