Essential Tools for Navigating the Global Workplace

How culturally competent are your students?

A lack of cultural agility makes it difficult to navigate the global workplace today.

That’s why we’ve packaged together two of the most prominent intercultural tools for students who want to work globally.

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The GlobeSmart Profile highlights work-style differences that can impact performance, and the Intercultural Effectiveness Scale shows you how well individuals will be able to bridge those differences.

The GlobeSmart Profile reveals an individual’s preferred work style on several key dimensions and provides a comparison with the average work style of people from over 95 cultures, as well as global colleagues and team members. It then provides dynamically generated advice to improve engagements when work-style or cultural differences are involved.

The Intercultural Effectiveness Scale measures intercultural competence, or how well one can adapt and work with people who are different than them. It provides an overall Intercultural Effectiveness Score, along with a detailed report and a personal development plan for improving an individual’s intercultural effectiveness.


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