Developing leaders in China to foster growth

Developing leaders in China to foster growth

A strategic effort to diversify a company’s executive team leads to improved cross-cultural skills and increased confidence of high-potential Chinese employees.


With revenues from its China operations slipping, a Fortune 500 health technology company determined that Chinese leaders needed to be better represented at the executive level of its global operations. Strong future growth in China and the rest of Asia would depend on the input and guidance of a balanced leadership team.


Aperian Global partnered with the company’s learning and leadership-development team to design a blended learning approach for Chinese high-potential employees. Among other objectives, the aim was to hone the global leadership skills of these employees and close any existing skill gaps.

The blended learning design included customized assessments pertaining to global leadership attitudes and skills; three-day classroom workshops; action-learning assignments; formalized mentoring; and the direct participation of current executives via speeches and panel discussions.


Participants commented that the program was a rare opportunity both to receive feedback and guidance from mentors and senior leaders and to make a real impact on global strategy through their projects and presentations. This was the first China-led management development program to be integrated into the organization’s global leadership curriculum, providing critical visibility to the region and its talent.

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